Principled. Prepared. Electable.




When Michelle was first elected, she promised herself to always stick to her principles, and she has done just that. She is consistently one of the leading conservative voices in the legislature.
Michelle is a proven and principled conservative that has stood by her values. As the next Governor of Minnesota, we will have a champion working for Minnesotans.
The numbers speak for themselves as the top-rated Republican running for Governor ON EVERY CONSERVATIVE SCORECARD!

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1st Among ALL Senators

89% Lifetime Score

The Average Republican Lifetime Score is 80%

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T-1st Among ALL Senators


100% Lifetime Score

Named Champion of the Family 4 of 4 times.

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3rd Among ALL Senators

86% Lifetime Score

The Average Republican Lifetime Score is 66.9%

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T-1st Among ALL Senators

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100% Lifetime Score

Has Carried More Pro-Life Legislation Than Any Other Senator In Her Time



Michelle's work ethic led her to graduate with a B.A. in chemistry from St. Catherine University in Saint Paul and later with an M.B.A from The University of St. Thomas.

Michelle used her education to become a Certified Public Accountant in her professional career. Her background includes audit and consulting work at Deloitte and the Executive Director at the Upper Midwest Security Alliance.
Her experience as an auditor and accountant has made her excellent at exposing unnecessary waste, fraud, and abuse. Furthermore, her experience has demonstrated a clear ability to be a reliable problem solver.


T-1st Among ALL Senators

100% Lifetime Score

Michelle has NEVER ONCE wavered her support of the 2nd Amendment


Michelle has chaired the Senate Health & Human Services Committee since 2017. In the Senate, she has been a leader in lowering health care costs, protecting individual privacy rights, and exposing government waste. In that capacity, she has stopped harmful legislation to mandate vaccinations, prevented abortion until birth, and stopped the implementation of socialized medicine.


While also being a positive agent for change by spearheading thoughtful health care reforms like Minnesota's successful reinsurance program that stabilized the individual health insurance market.Michelle has been a consistent and strong fighter for conservative values alongside her work with HHS. She is tied for the highest lifetime American Conservative Union voting record in the Senate, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to protecting Minnesotan's freedom.


She has led the fight against Governor Walz's misguided COVID-19 policies, Department of Human Services CCAP fraud, and shady government contracts.Never having wavered against Democrats' attempts to undermine our 2nd Amendment, overregulate our energy sector, and have the government take over our health care. Michelle's unique depth of knowledge and wide-ranging skillset has won her tremendous respect among her colleagues. She was elected to leadership from 2012 to 2020, serving as Senate Deputy Majority Leader from 2017 through 2020. 



It has been a long time since a Republican has won a statewide election in the State of Minnesota, so maybe it's time to try something different?
Growing up on a family farm, Michelle learned the value of hard work and knows the people of greater Minnesota. She understands the unique beauty of Minnesota and what makes it genuinely great while having also lived through similar struggles. She is also a mother of three, and like so many other parents, when the pandemic hit, she found a way to do her job while working to help give her daughter an education from home when Tim Walz shut down our schools.
To win in Minnesota, we need Republicans to show up in greater Minnesota while also winning the suburbs to defeat Tim Walz.
As a suburban mother with a young daughter, Michelle can relate to a voter base that often feels misunderstood by Republicans. The Minnesota GOP has never nominated a woman; maybe it's time to try something different.

Without a doubt, she is the most proven conservative in this race,  the most prepared for the job, and the only electable candidate running for Governor.  
Taking back Minnesota will be hard work, but together we can make Minnesota safer, better, and stronger. With Michelle leading the way, we will make Tim Walz a one-term Governor!