I'm The Only Farm Kid In The Race

Murdock, Minnesota was an amazing place to grow up. Like many small Minnesota towns, Friday night football games, volunteer fire department pancake breakfasts, and church suppers were must attend social events. If you grow up in a place like Murdock, you don’t just know everyone in town, but you probably also know everyone in the county (and everyone knows what you were up to). Neighboring towns were rivals until consolidation required you to learn a new fight song.

When a farmer had a heart attack during harvest, everyone stopped what they were doing and got his crop in before they returned to their own work. This is Minnesota.

I grew up on our family farm south of Murdock where the population is 280. The cafe where I was a waitress is now an empty lot.

From my earliest days, I was expected to work with my parents and to understand farming. My Dad taught me that farming was constantly evolving, gone were the days of a couple cows, some chickens, a red barn, and a dog named Shep.

I remember picking rocks and being taught by my dad that I only needed to pick those rocks that were larger than the size of my two fists. It’s in those days of picking rocks or walking beans I learned what happened to corn prices when it rained in Illinois or there was a windstorm in Iowa.

We are all connected. What happens to one farm family, happens to all the farm families. And when the farm family is affected that impacts the ability for you to get food at your local grocery store.

My brothers still farm our family land, and they will tell you that modern agriculture requires the same disposition farmers have always had: Faith, a long-term outlook, and stewardship. It also requires fiscal management, human resources, and marketing.

It has become tougher, not because of the growing season changing or fewer people in farming but because of the policies from Democrats like Tim Walz and Joe Biden. Biden’s inflation has led to significant problems for farmers, and we are heading down the wrong track.

Every part of our state has a story. Strong hardworking people who want a chance to succeed and hope that life will be better for the next generation. I believe with all my heart that we can have a rural Renaissance. No matter where you live, you should have good schools that help Minnesota kids achieve their highest and best. Access to good health care. Access to technology so that careers and businesses can grow and thrive.

A change in leadership and a change of course can get Minnesota back going the right direction. Electing a Republican as Governor this fall can help right the ship and get our family farmers back on stable footing. As someone with the background as the only farm kid in the race for Governor, I’m the candidate that can get us back on track.