Day One


Election Day
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I’m ready and prepared to be Governor of Minnesota on Day One. I have the work ethic of a farm girl, the steadfastness of a Navy wife, the skills of a CPA, the experience of a Senator, and the commonsense of a mom. 

Today I’m announcing my full Day One Plan:

  • Protect our rights and freedoms.

  • Keep our communities safe.

  • Restore excellence and transparency in public education.

  • Lower taxes and require regulatory humility.

  • Prioritizing our core values.

I’ve thoughtfully prepared in-depth plans for my first day as Governor. These plans are based on my core principles, experience, and feedback from Minnesotans that will make our state safer and stronger.


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We're done with the unconstitutional and oppressive mandates that are hurting everyone –especially kids, businesses, and our economy. 

On Day One as Governor, Michelle Benson will:

  • End all state Covid vaccine and mask mandates. 

  • Bring every state government worker back to the office.

  • Issue an Executive Order to ensure there is an accessible and easy-to-find opt-out for the state vaccine database.

  • Pause the massive vaccine and testing bureaucracy. We’ll make sure tests are there for those who need them and vaccines are available for Minnesotans who want them, but we’ve created a massive bureaucracy with no off-ramp.

  • FIRE Jan Malcolm, and hire a Health Commissioner who listens to FACTS, not FAUCI. We'll look at the data and stop governing using mandates, fear, and division.

  • Take immediate steps to make sure personal data is private and protected. Private medical information and health status are your most private data and must be protected.

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Election integrity should not be controversial. It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat. 

On Day One as Governor, Michelle Benson will:

  • Demand the legislature pass Voter ID to catch up to the rest of the country for voter verification.

  • Clean up our voter rolls, ensure that people actually live where they say they live, and remove dead voters from voter rolls as quickly as possible.

  • Outlaw abusive ballot harvesting.

  • Enforce state laws requiring party balance for our ballot boards, which are being abused by some cities and counties.

In the Classroom
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Minnesota students have fallen behind because of extended school closings, lowered school standards, and political agendas. We need to focus on the fundamentals – making sure students can read, write, and do math. It’s time to remove the mask mandates, end school closures, and eliminate divisive and political issues in the classroom. We must once again empower parents, not the teachers’ union. 


On Day One as Governor, Michelle Benson will:

  • Issue an executive order to give parents the right to opt their child out of school mask mandates.

  • Issue an executive order so it’s the official policy of the state of Minnesota that parents have a right to be involved in their child’s education, and the right to know what’s being taught to their kids in the classroom.

  • Call on the legislature to pass a bill that allows funding to follow each child, providing families with more choice and flexibility.

  • Appoint a commissioner for the Department of Education with a clear and robust plan to end Minnesota’s nation-leading achievement gaps. It is immoral to leave some of our children behind.

  • Restore high expectations and prepare each and every student for future success.

  • Fire the teachers’ union puppets in the Department of Education and replace them with commissioners and public servants who will put students, parents, and academic achievement first.

  • Remove political agendas from classrooms – including halting the social studies standards that are full of divisive, political issues and restore world-class academics that prepare our students for strong futures.

  • Immediately put an end to surveys being sent to students that attempt to gather private and personal data from our kids without parental consent. 

Police Car Lights
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Failed leadership and dangerous policies have left Minnesotans at the mercy of repeat criminals – with no end in sight. We cannot be truly free and a prosperous state without safety for everyone in every community. Public safety and law and order are at the core of our priorities – for our economy, for our children’s education, and for the stability of our families.. 


On Day One as Governor, Michelle Benson will:

  • Fully fund law enforcement and all public safety officials.

  • Do whatever it takes to keep violent criminals off our streets, including appointing judges who hold criminals accountable and require prosecutors to do their jobs.

  • Increase funding for schools to place a peace officer in every school.

  • Fire Gov. Walz’s Sentencing Guidelines Commission members who are trying to reduce sentences for repeat criminals and replace them with individuals who will put public safety first and hold criminals accountable.

  • Direct the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to prosecute all gun crimes as first and foremost gun crimes and not downward depart.

  • Make appointments to the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board to hold peace officers to high professional standards and who will not be political activists. 

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It’s your money – you should keep it. Years of state government budget surpluses make it clear that Minnesotans are overtaxed. We’re one of the top 5 highest tax states in the U.S.  Supporting hard-working Minnesota families and small businesses should always be a top priority for state government. Michelle Benson will demand regulatory humility and responsiveness from all state agencies.

On Day One as Governor, Michelle Benson will: 

  • Tell the Legislature in the first weeks of session to pass a bill that sends the surplus back to taxpayers – including a permanent end to the Social Security tax.


  • Require commissioners to prioritize core functions – like improving roads and building critical infrastructure, easing regulatory burdens so that it’s easier to own a home, and creating a business culture that encourages private-sector jobs growth.


  • End runaway property taxes by requiring voter approval for increases.


  • Put an end to all agency efforts exploring or promoting a mileage tax for cars.


  • Tell the Legislature to put a bill on my desk that reins in the Met Council's taxing authority or abolishes the Met Council altogether.


  • Pay state employees based on performance.

  • Call for the legislature to pass a bill to permanently reform the Governor’s emergency powers and make sure future Governors can never again do what Governor Walz did to our businesses, schools, and families.


  • Implement a state government hiring freeze and appoint an independent inspector general who reports directly to Governor Benson — they will have the same authority as the Legislative Auditor to audit any agency for waste and fraud and review every level of the bureaucracy.


  • Suspend every single one of Walz’s working groups and task forces and pull the plug on every Walz administrative rule that’s in the rulemaking process.


  • Reinstate work requirements and other welfare accountability measures paused by Governor Dayton and Governor Walz.


  • Launch an audit of every dollar spent on COVID-19 programs — taxpayers were defrauded to the tune of $244 million by one non-profit group alone.


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Michelle’s core values means life, liberty, and for each person to pursue their God-given gifts. This includes fostering a culture of life in our state and defending our constitutional rights – including a fundamental right to protect ourselves. We must never waiver on defending our Second Amendment rights. Gun control laws punish law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to keep people safe.

On Day One as Governor, Michelle Benson will: 

  • Launch an immediate review of all state contracts and grants and end any funds going to organizations that promote or administer abortion.

  • Appoint judges who follow the Constitution, not make up laws as they see fit.

  • Reinstate and expand Permit to Carry reciprocity.

  • Work with the legislature to advance Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry/Castle Doctrine legislation within the first month.