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As a girl growing up in Murdock, MN I was taught that when you see a problem you know how to fix, you roll up your sleeves and get to work, and you stay until the job is done. When I saw a need for the voice of a suburban mom, and the common sense of a CPA in the Minnesota Senate in 2010, I got to work and challenged the status quo, ran for office, and won. My dedication to Minnesota never slowed me down as I worked to be a good Senator. I gave birth to our daughter Claire on a Friday and on the Monday after I was back at work because I had a job to do.


My job has always been to be a voice and a force for reason, smaller government, accountability, transparency, decency, and safety throughout our state. I have never avoided the responsibility of that job and I have always been there for Minnesotans.


I see a greater need before us today, our Governor is not the voice of Minnesota. He is being controlled by the ventriloquists on the extreme left who want to defund our police, raise taxes, make the dream of entrepreneurship harder, mandate behavior in the name of public health, and dictate to you what health decisions you should make for your family.


I’ve seen enough, and now, just like I learned throughout my life I can see the problem, I can help be part of the solution, and I am ready to do the hard work. I am running to be the next Governor of Minnesota because our state, its people, and its businesspeople need to know that our future is as bright as their dreams of it are. I will work with you to listen, understand your needs fully, craft a solution and move it forward so that we can leave Minnesota in a better condition that we found it in.


I’m running for Governor because we need to make the voice of ALL MINNESOTANS important again, and I need your help!

Thank you,

Michelle Benson